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OPC Grape Seed Soft Capsule

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* The synergised action of ingredients can intensify the anti-aging, anti-hypersensitivity and skin caring effect of grape seed

 * The addition of emulsifiers including lecithin is to make an emulsion of oil-insoluble raw material of OPC, vitamin E, and perilla oil. This reduces delamination and increases the stability of mixture

 * Advanced encapsulating technique for soft capsules is used to isolate the content from oxygen, and thus prevent the oxidation of proanthocyanidin, vitamin E, and perilla oil, which increases the utilization ratio of the effective ingredients

 * Convenient to take and have a definite effect

Take 1 to 2 capsules after meals, once daily

Not applicable to children. It is vulnerable to oxidation and moisture after opening, and should be kept properly and consumed soon

OPC Grape Seed

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