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Pine Pollen Powder

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* Pure, natural and non-polluted raw material

 * Processed through low-temperature sporoderm-breaking technology with ratio higher than 85%

 * Balanced nutrition: rich in various amino acids, particularly the 8 essential amino acids are all in a free state; rich in vitamins (in particular Vitamins A, C, E ...) enzymes and minerals

 * Can be internally used as nourishing food and externally for moisturzing and caring of the skin. Can also be infused in liquor

Health, sub-health population.
Patients for building up health, supplement of nutrients and recovery improvement.
Can also be used externally with certain effect for elderly patients suffering from utaneous pruritus
100% pure pine pollen is applicable for diabetes.
Pine pollen has good hydroscopicity therefore the nutrients would exert constringency and anti-inflammaion effects at the affected area - thus is applicable to the skin care of babies. It has a good external effect on prevention and cure of children eczema, and diaper rash

Take 2 - 3 gm orally each day, half an hour before meals with water, or better with honey water; mixing with milk, porridge or liquor is also allowed. Make sure the temperature of liquid should not be too high to destroy the active ingredients

Pine Pollen products approved by usfda
Population with pollen hypersensitivity should be used with caution
Consumed ASAP after opening and should be recapped tightly to prevent oxidation.
If weather is too humid, keep in a fridge after opening and consume up within a short period.
For extensive burn and trauma, treatment by specialists should take first priority, and external application of the powder is not recommended.

Pine Pollen Powder

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